National Pool Tournament – 2015 winners Paul Pzenyczniak and Maksym Parfaniuk


On Saturday 26th September, the national CYM pool tournament got underway in Tarasivka.

Due to the increased number of competitors, the competition returned to its original doubles format. There were 3 groups, of which the top teams and the best runner up made it through to the semi final.


Paul Pszenyszniak and Maksym Parfaniuk used their Hawaiian shirts to their advantage, as they diverted their opponents attention away to book themselves a place in the final.

The other finalists included last year’s winner Zenon Dzula, and our first ever Canadian competitor, Taras Kuper, coming all the way from CYM Etobicoke (Ontario).

The final was a tense affair, but the result was never in doubt as Pzenyczniak and Parfaniuk strolled to a 2-0 victory. Congratulations to them and to all the competitors who took part, a great day was had by all.