Camp Blog – Day 4 – Firemen and Treasure


Anna Szlachetko and Anna Monyard (Group leaders for Baraky)


Contrary to what d. Petro said in yesterday’s blog, that he had single-handedly seen off a night attack from the Drevliany tribe, we believe, following today’s close observations, that his experience was, in fact, with the youngest members of tabir in baraky.


No matter how tired they may have been after yesterday’s trip, Baraky were interested today in learning about how CYM was founded and it’s growth throughout the world. Singing followed with podruha Iryna and an orchestra comprising Father Nebo with his guitar. The ‘stand-in’ tent leaders brushed up their singing skills and, with great co-ordination in the action songs proved that, for a taborovyk, “once learned, never forgotten.”


After a much-needed break (especially for us!), the children displayed their creativity and designed a CYM emblem of their own, and also added new words to their dictionaries.


Recharging their batteries with lunch, the revitalised children were visited by firefighters from Derby who allowed them inside the fire engine, showered them with the hose and let them loose on the siren! The afternoon also included dancing practice for both boys and girls.


After so much activity, the tired children are enjoying an (enforced!) early night. Dobranich!


Larissa: Our trip yesterday was great fun. I climbed up and fell down on a giant inflatable pyramid, which put a smile on my face. I’ve done dancing, which is really fun and I liked the singing because it makes me jolly. My favourite song is ‘Spilnota’ (Community).


Katie: Yesterday, I enjoyed the ‘Gold Rush’ because we got to find pieces of gold and when we had 10, we got a medal. I found 10 and liked the challenge. We also climbed over things, stepped on things and crawled under things.

When the firemen came, we got to hold the hose and when we put out our hands, they squirted us with water and we got wet!


Kyle: I went in the fire engine, which was bigger than I thought. I got to turn the steering wheel. It was fun but I wouldn’t like to be a firefighter because you have to put out fires – big fires – and you have to put a mask on and even then you still come out smelling of fire.


Matviy: We got up and went for rukhanka (morning exercise). Then we brushed our teeth, had lessons and then singing. The firemen told us how much water their engine carries, what their masks do and how to work the siren. It was very interesting. But only the girls got wet – very wet. The boys weren’t allowed!



Natalka Amis (Sumeniata)


Well, another fun day ends – an emergency services day. First, Fireman Bodj visited and sumeniata tried on the uniform. Unfortunately, none of them managed to get dressed in 30 seconds, but all the mothers live in hope for the mornings before rukhanka (morning exercises)!

Then our treasure went missing and Fireman Bodj was the main suspect, so the police were called. But silly podruha Vira called the fire brigade by mistake. They came in their big red fire engine and some of the sumeniata got to drive it – all with big grins on their faces.

Back in the barrack, PC Rich was waiting to start his enquiries about the missing treasure. He questioned the sumeniata, but Fireman Boj was still the chief suspect.

In the meantime, Medsestra (camp nurse) visited to talk to everyone about how to keep clean and healthy and how to listen to their heart through a stethoscope. (Some even started dancing to the beat!)

PC Rich came back with a treasure map and a clue left at the scene of the crime, so sumeniata went on a treasure hunt and managed to find the chest, but the criminal was still at large.

What a surprise when, after sumeniata settled down with their story and milk before bed, Fireman Bodj burst in and they were finally able to apprehend the criminal. He explained that he felt so guilty that he had left some chocolates for them. PC Rich and the sumeniata agreed that he had learned his lesson and Fireman Bodj was let off with a stern caution.

Sumeniata all slept easily in their beds knowing that all is safe and well at Tarasivka!