2016 – Summer Camp Schedule at Oselia in Ellenville


2016 Summer Camp Schedule for Oselia in Ellenville, NY:

  Begin: End:
Vykhovno-Vyshkilnyj Camp June 26 July 9
Starsho-Yunatskyj June 26 July 9
Vykhovno-Vidpochynkovyj July 10 July 23
Perekhodovyj July 10 July 16
Sumenyata Camp I July 10 July 16
Sumenyata Camp II July 17 July 23
Husenyata Camp I July 10 July 16
Husenyata Camp II July 17 July 23
Sports Camp July 24 August 6
Mystetskyj Camp August 7 August 20
65th Annual Zdvyh September 2 September 4

* Please note the following: This year there will be a 2 week “Starsho-Yunatskyj” camp in place of “Praktychnyj” camp which will begin on Sunday, June 26 and end on Saturday, July 9.
** REMINDER: to attend Vyshkilnyj Camp (Counselor-in-training), participant must have attended at least one camp as a starshyj yunak. This includes any of the following: Starsho-Yunatskyj, Vykhovno-vidpochynkovyj, Sports, OR Mysteckyj Camp at Oselia in Ellenville; Vykhovno-vidpochynkovyj Starshyj Camp, Sports camp, or Soccer camp at Oselia “Beskyd”; Vykhovno-vidpochynkovyj Camps at Oselia “Khortytsia” or Oselia “Kholodnyj Yar”.
This year podruha Oksan Bodnar is the Charirperson of the Camp Committee at Ellenville.
If you have questions or need further information in regards to these camps, write to Oksana Bodnar at: [email protected].