This year’s recreational overnight camp “Soborna Ukraina” dedicated to Saint Olga taking place at camp Werchowyna near Chertsey in Quebec, officially opened on Sunday, July 14. The camp which ends July 28 is host to 29 children not including staff for a total of more than fifty people. 

The ‘komanda’ taboru consists of: ‘komendant’ – Daria Humenny; head counsellor – Natalie Schturyn; ‘bunczuzhni’ – Dania Schturyn – week 1 and Ivanna Skotar – week 2; counsellors – Nina Semchyshyn and Lesia Kostiw; arts and crafts – Taissa Horonowytsch, sport – Matvij Kutash and life-guards – Ivanna Skotar and Olena Kania.

For additional photographs, please visit our camp gallery under the following link: album.