Remembering the Holdomor 1932-1933



This year Ukrainians around the world are commemorating the 80th Anniversary of the Genoice in Ukraine (1932-33).  The commemorations will take place from November 18 to 24.  As sumivtsi, we should participate because “every year, this week should bring together not only the Ukrainian community, but all of Canadian society around this educational campaign and the shared memorialisation of those who suffered in this tragedy.”


Additionally, we draw your attention to the fourth Saturday of November (November 23), which is a Day of Memory!  As in years past, at 19:32 (7:32pm) on this day will be marked with a moment of silence, the lighting of candles, ringing of bells as a memorialisation for the millions who perished in this awkful Holodomor.  Then, on Sunday, November 24, commemorative prayer services will be held in our churches.


Our participation in the community –

–          Branches are organizing a Food drive where food will be donated to local Food Banks in memory of the Holodomor.

–          The National Executive of Canada has also made the commitment to help the National Comemorative Committee, Ukrainian Canadidan Congress (UCU) in their financial campaign by encouraging our branches to buy the magnets that have been produced in commemoration of the Holodomor.  This campaign also helps with the UCU’s educational campaign for all Canadians in understanding more about what happened during 1932-33 in Ukraine.  Each magnet costs $5.00 and can be purchased at the National Executive Office.

Holodomor magnet

–          We encourage all sumivtsi to regularly check the website for Share the Story to hear the stories and memories of survivors of this tragedy.  We also encourage our membership to organize the exhibition of 33 black flags, surrounding 1 Ukrainian flag near prominent buildings in your city as a way to draw attention to this important date in history.