All-Canadian Counsellor –in-Training Camp 2013



The All-Canadian Counsellor -in-Training Camp  took place from August 4th to August 17th at the CYM campground Verchovyna outside of Chertsey, Quebec, north of Montreal. This year,  27 brave participants  from CYM branches Etobicoke, St. Catherines, Ottawa and Montreal  attended the camp.

The program was multifaceted. On a daily basis the participants attended regular classes covering  topics such as the CYMology, Leadership, Religion, working with younger children, and current events and issues in Ukraine. Guest speakers presented additional topics such as the 1025th Anniversary of Ukrainian Christianity, the 150th Anniversary of The Valuevsky Circular Banning Ukrainian Language, the 95th Anniversary of the Battle in Kruty, the 80th Anniversary  of The Famine-Genocide and the 65th Anniversary of CYM in Canada as well as other relevant topics.


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The campers also had the opportunity to participate in a varied sports program that included archery, horseback riding, canoeing, air rifle practise, bowling, dance aerobics, swimming, soccer and volleyball. The program also included music, arts and crafts, projects on topics covering commemorative dates, group games and different camp events. On Sunday, the campers attended a Divine Liturgy.




One of the highlights of camp included a field trip to a local horse ranch. Besides horseback riding, the campers had an opportunity to do GPS orienteering in the woods, horse grooming , lasso making, and line dancing. On Saturday, the counsellors-in-training organized a Play Day for the children that arrived from the  CYM Montreal branch to commemorate CYM Canada’s 65th Anniversary. The fun day ended with a group photo and a huge bonfire that included a sing-a-long. This event allowed the campers to apply the theory of working with younger children in a very practical way. Another highlight included learning about the current political make-up of the Ukrainian parliament. The campers divided themselves into different political parties and had mock-debates on issues that are currently being debated in the Ukrainian parliament.  The camp concluded with a traditional exam , and a formal farewell dinner, dance and bonfire in the evening.


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During the official closing ceremony the campers were congratulated for their perseverance during their 2 week journey of self-discovery. The President  of the CYM Montreal Branch, P. Groszko, who also attended the closing ceremony,  reminded the campers that CYM is truly a unique organization that affords its members  outstanding opportunities and creates unforgettable memories and so he asked that each camper encourage his/her friends to come to camp in the future.

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Many people came together to make the camp a reality. The following list of people worked together to ensure the camp’s success.


Camp Staff– I. Shust-Dankowycz, N. Kardasz, A. Zelyk, N. Semcesen, Y. Broda,  O. Hrycyshyn, T. Czoli

Camp Committee Montreal – R. Wodzicky

Guest Speakers – W. Usyk, O. Mytko,  P. Mytko, Rev. I. Kutash, R. Medvid, A. Buyniak, H. Ostapiuk, B. Gogus, O. Humenny, D. Hummeny

Kitchen Staff – L. Kukhar, Mrs. Julia, Mrs. Halya

CYM Montreal Youth Coordinator – K. Tucky

Verchovyna Administrative Team – P. Blyszczak, B. Sushko, R. Losovksy, A. Groszko, P. Groszko et al.


To all those listed a deep and heartfelt thank you!