Вшанування пам’яті Степана Бандери


This Thursday, 15th October 2020, marks an important day in our oseredok’s calendar when we commemorate our patron Stepan Bandera. This year marks 61 years since his assassination in Munich on 15th October 1959.

Stepan was born on 1st January 1909 into the family of a Ukrainian Catholic priest. Along with Yaroslav Stetsko, he was instrumental in declaring the proclamation of Ukrainian statehood on 30th June 1941.

Stepan was a member of УВО from 1928 and also became active in ОУН leadership from the age of 22. When he was 24, he was the head of the ОУН Territorial Executive.

Please take the time on Thursday to watch the following video along with taking a minute’s silence to remember our patron and to think about his legacy and relevance for us today – https://bit.ly/34O0dOl

CYM Geelong also encourages our Vykhovnyky to touch on this commemoration during your next lot of education sessions.