70-ліття Спілки Української Молоді в Сіднеї



Управа Осередку СУМ ім. Ген. Хор. Тараса Чупринки в Сіднеї клонить голови та складає щиру подяку всім основоположникам та всім членам Спілки Української Молоді і фундаторам ДУМ, які жертвенно працювали на протязі 70 років в нашому Осередку.

70 years ago today (9 March 2020), our Oseredok was founded by a very special group of pioneers & their families. These men & women worked tirelessly for our organisation and community.

This generation were not only were determined to make a new life for themselves and their children, but they also steadfastly protected and preserved the faith, language, culture and spirit of their native Ukraine.

Their resolve, helped plant the seed that sees CYM remain a vibrant organisation globally well into the 21st Century. Equally, this Platinum milestone, is not only a testament to their founding spirit, but to the generations of members and parents who have kept our organisation growing over this time. 

Celebrations over the course of our 70th year will provide an opportunity for us to recollect and share our memories of the many great achievements, events and milestones of our oseredok and its members over the past 70 years. It will also provide us a chance to celebrate the very active role CYM Sydney has played and continues to play in our wider Ukrainian community in Sydney.

As we look towards our future, we are grateful of our wonderful members and supporters who continue to ensure that our greatest days are yet to come!

Happy Birthday CYM Sydney!

Многая Літа СУМ Сідней!

The blessing of the first Oseredkovij Flag in Sydney