Add a photo album to your posts

  1. Log into your Dashboard using ‘Login with Google Drive’ and your email credentials.
  2. Once in the dashboard on the left hand sidebar you will see a “Use-Your-Drive” button. Hover over this and select ‘File Browser’.
  3. From here you are able to either upload photos into a folder, or upload and entire folder into Google Drive.
  4. Once your files/photos have been uploaded, you may now proceed to your post or ‘Add New’ post to embed your photo album where you like.
  5. Once in the Edit Post page, select the ‘Use-Your-Drive shortcode’ button. If you do not see this button, ensure you are in the ‘Visual’ mode.
  6. Once in the shortcode builder. Select ‘Photo Gallery’ from the main screen, then ‘Folders’ from the right hand menu.
  7. This will open a screen to allow you to either select an entire folder or certain images to embed as a photo gallery.
  8. Once you have chosen the files/folder that you like, select the ‘Insert Shortcode’ button at the top of the shortcode builder.
  9. This will take you bake to the edit post screen where you should see the shortcode inserted.
  10. Ensure you Preview your post before you Publish. You’re all set!