Global CYMnet Conference


cymnet_conference_2013Global CYMnet ConferenceCYM_Emblema-(49X75)-72dpi
30 May – 2nd June, 2013
Etobicoke, Canada




The World CYMnet Conference is a computing conference open to CYM members from around the world. The Conference is targetted at not only those interested in the technical aspects of computing and the Internet, but also at those motivated by and interested in the educational, academic or other facets.


Recognizing that the range of interests and professional expertise among CYM members is remarkably diverse, the conference program is tailored to accommodate the computer novice, the technical professional, as well as those who might consider themselves “technically challenged”.


The Conference agenda includes technical presentations given by computer professionals as well as talks and roundtables on many non-technical aspects of computing and the Internet such as social media. A number of group forums are, also, planned.


Sample conference session topics:

  • Overview of the new CYMnet site
  • Hands-on computing sessions
  • What is WPML?
  • “Gravity forms” and СУМнет
  • Social media and СУМнет
  • Computer graphics
  • СУМнет projects


Details about the conference are available here


Registration deadline: May 6 2013