XXIV Ukrainian Canadian Congress


CYM members participating in the XXIV UCC Congress (photo I.Lypovyk)

The Ukrainian Canadian Congress concluded its XXIV Triennial Congress (November 8-10, 2013), which brought together in Toronto the leadership of the Ukrainian Canadian community from across Canada.

The Congress elected its national leadership for the next three years, including Paul Grod as National President, Vice Presidents Renata Roman and Emil Yereniuk, Treasurer Walter Dlugosh and Secretary Andrea Kopylech.

The XXIV Congress featured the participation of the Right Honourable Prime Minister Stephen Harper, and high level participation by Canadian political leaders including Minister Jason Kenney, Leader of the Official Opposition Thomas Mulcair, and Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau.

The Congress dealt with important issues such as limits on freedom, Ukrainian language and culture, community development, the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, the situation in Ukraine one year after its elections and Ukraine’s Association Agreement with the EU, and the situation regarding Yulia Tymoshenko.

The Congress also adopted several resolutions setting the priorities for the Ukrainian community for the next three years.

On behalf of the entire membership we would like to congratulate Paul Grod and the entire Executive and wish them all the best.