CYM Origins Tour

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Payment Plan

By 31 January 2019 – $500AUD (non-refundable)

By 31 March 2019 – $1000AUD

By 30 June 2019 – $1000AUD

By 31 August 2019 – $1000AUD

TOTAL – $3500AUD

CYM Origins Tour Program

5 October
London, UK
Vidkryttia – Opening
Meet with local CYMivtsi
Banbera Museum

6 October
London, UK
Historical Tour
London CYM Gathering

7 October
Travel to Paris, FRA

8 October
Petliura Memorial and Museum
Volodymyr Velekyj Church on Rue des Saints Peres

9 October
Museum Day
Sightseeing Day

10 October
Travel to Rotterdam, NDL
Yevhen Konovalets Memorial

11 October
Rotterdam, NDL
Meet with Ukrainians in Rotterdam

12 October
Travel to München, GER
Catch up with CYMivtsi

13 October
München, GER
Church Service
Visit Historical OUN Headquarters

14 October
München, GER
Visit Kretimaverstraße and the place of Bandera’s assassination

15 October
München, GER
60 year commemoration of Bandera’s Assasination

16 October
Travel to Lviv, UKR

17 October
Lviv, UKR
Dinner at Kryivka
Meet with Local CYMivtsi

18 October
Lviv, UKR
Shuhevych Museum
Lychakivskyj cemetery

19 October
Travel to Kyiv, UKR
(Day trip to Ivano-Frankivk)

20 October
Kyiv, UKR
Formal Closing of tour with CYM Ukraine
Lunch and Concert with CYM Ukraine

21 October
Kyiv, UKR
Holodomor Museum
Chornobyl Museum


Subject to change due to operational reasons