MAMUKA – 2/7/17


This year, on February 7th, the commander of the Georgian National Legion and Kyiv Battalion in Ukraine, Mamuka Mamulashvili, visited our CYM youth center in Yonkers. He spoke about how he has been fighting in Donbass along with Ukrainian soldiers for 3 years. He hopes for support from the Ukrainian diaspora and friends in America. He explained that the Ukrainian army is primarily in need of weapons that Ukrainian soldiers can use in battle. He asked for support for Ukraine, for Americans to continue to put pressure on Russia, and to make sanctions against it. We are very grateful to Mamuka for his efforts to protect our Ukraine and we are proud of the soldier he is. At the end of the presentation we gifted a Ukrainian flag to him on which members of our oseredok signed their names and wrote him well wishes.

– Riy Chempiony (15-16)