Den CYM-ivskoyi Molody


Den CYM-ivskoyi Molodi was hosted jointly by Oseredok Mykoly Pavlushkova and Dmytra Vitovskoho, with 3 viddily in attendance and participating in the apel.

A podyachniy moleben began at 1:30pm and was led by o. Mendyuk at the Church of the Immaculate Conception.

The apel began promptly at 2:30pm and was led by pod. Adriana Popowycz.  Bulavni or Zastupnyk Bulavni of each viddil gave the zvit. There were 77 yunatstvo and druzhynnyky from the Pavlushkov branch.

61 ispytovi hramoty were given to yunatztvo and druzhynnyky in each ispytoviy category.  We also had 3 druzhynnyky obtain their 2-iy stupen vporyadnyka, 9 druzhynnyky obtain their I-iy stupen suspilnyka, and 5 druzhynnyky obtain their II-iy stupen suspilnyka.

The apel was followed by a defelyada and group photo.

Thank you to all who participated in and helped coordinate such a successful event.  But moreso, we want to congratulate all of the yunatstvo in their hard work during the year, their parents in their dedication and involvement in their child’s CYM participation, and the Bulava and vychovnyky who coordinated a meaningful and fun 2017-18 program!