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Annual General Meeting of CYM Derby

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Zbory CYM Derby took place Tuesday 12th April at 7.30pm.

Previous Holova Antonia Juskiw opened the meeting with Prayers.

The meeting was chaired by Lida Deremenda, Head of Kontrolia Komissia.

Kontrolia Komissia recommended that that the outgoing committee is given absolution.
Zbory appointed a new Holova, Ivanka Dobrowolksa.

The new Uprava is formed by Andrij Stasiw, Stefan Kupranec, Marko Stasiw, Anna Perehinic, Oksana Shomak, Maria Stasiw, Andrij Kaminskyj, Petro Wintoniuk, Joe Kupranec, Vlodko Surma and Antonia Juskiw.

Lida Deremenda thanked everyone for attending and closed the meeting at 9pm followed by the National Anthem.

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