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Remember 30th June 1941 with Oseredky CYM Bradford and Wolverhampton

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The Ukrainian Youth Associations of Bradford and Wolverhampton would like to invite all CYMivtsi and guests at this year’s Krayoviy Zdvyh (Saturday 1stJuly, Tarasivka), to join in a commemoration of the Declaration of the Ukrainian State Act of 30th June 1941.

In Lviv on the 30th June 1941, the Organisation of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN), under the leadership of Stepan Bandera, declared the independence of Ukraine. Yaroslaw Stechko, who would become the Prime Minister of Ukraine, read out the proclamation of independence at a community meeting before all the delegates sang the national anthem of Ukraine – Sche Ne Vmerla Ukraini.

Following the defeat and retreat of Soviet/Bolshevik forces, OUN members were quick to act and sought to establish an independent Ukraine. Unfortunately, the German Nazi army quickly arrested the OUN leadership and ended the brief sovereignty of Ukraine.

Both Oseredky in Bradford and Wolverhampton are named after the events of 30th June 1941. Following the official opening at the chapel, there will be a short ceremony to remember the event. We invite all CYMivtsi to join us to remember this significant moment in the history of Ukraine.

This post is also available in: Ukrainian

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  1. Stephen Shutak

    Ukraine momentarily renewed it’s independence on 30th June 1941 before the Nazis invaded followed by the Russians. We are once again being asked to defend our brothers and sisters in Crimea and the Donbas. We know that we do not stand alone as we did in ’41 and during the enforced starvation of 1932-33. I hope enough people will now realise that Russia is and was a threat to world peace. Enough so they are disarmed once and for all.

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