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About CYM GB

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The Ukrainian Youth Association (UYA or “CYM” in Ukrainian) is an international, voluntary and non-profit organisation with branches throughout the United Kingom. It was founded in Ukraine in 1925, and re-established in Great Britain in 1948, after the arrival of Ukrainian emigrants. It was also re-established in other countries around the world, (e.g. Germany, Belgium, France, USA, Canada, Australia), with the arrival of Ukrainian emigrants to those countries. CYM has a long history of bringing Ukrainians together, organising events for them, instilling Christian ethics, good behaviour, leadership qualities and promoting Ukrainian culture.


If you wish to know more about CYM, then please read our on-line brochure,  ‘SUM DO & SOME DONT’. This brochure is designed for those individuals wishing to join the Ukrainian Youth Assocition. The on-line guide will give a general guide to the activities and educational principles of CYM in Great Britain and across the world. Read a short history of CYM here. CYMBrochurePage1English

This post is also available in: Ukrainian

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