Online Communication Policy

The CYM Zakony reminds us that we always treat one another with dignity and respect, in all our interactions-  in person and online.

An essential part of vykhovannya includes online written, voice and video communication between vykhovnyky and yunatstvo. The set up and delivery will happen in our major online, secure space – GSuite for Nonprofits..

Communication may involve scheduled videoconferences with yunatstvo, voice calls with parents and/or emails.

All emails from a vykhovnyk will be sent from official email accounts and will be kept as a record.

Any online videoconference involving yunatstvo will have at least two vykhovnyky present in the videoconference and will be recorded. These procedures are in place to protect the safety of our yunatstvo and vykhovnyky.

CYM will use Google Meets to facilitate videoconferencing. These conferences will be scheduled by a vykhovnyk.

Yunatstvo will be sent an email advising them of the date and time of the Meet. The Meet link will ONLY be accessed through Google Classroom. No links to meets will be published or emailed at any time.

Google Classroom allows CYM to have the following in place-

Meets can only be created by a vykhovnyk and therefore no unsupervised Meets are possible whilst using a CYM GSuite account.

CYM.ORG has the following expectations for all who join a Meet:

Google Meets: expectations for yunatstvo, parents and vykhovnyky

 Online etiquette and expectations for yunatstvo 

1.       You are attending an official CYM event.

It is expected that your appearance is neat, and neat, casual dress applies. Clothing must not have inappropriate language or offensive imagery.

2.  Use an open and appropriate space for your meeting.

You should only engage in audio and video classes from an open, quiet and appropriate space outside of your bedroom.

Minimise what is behind you – a blank wall is preferable.

Remind other household members that you are participating in an online class.

Check that your video and audio work correctly – it is good to use a microphone headset if you have one.

Be prepared by completing any pre-session tasks if your vykhovnyk has asked you to do any.

3.  Communication during the online meeting.

Use appropriate language when communicating (speaking/writing messages) online with your vykhovnyky and fellow yunatstvo.

Behave appropriately in accordance with CYM zakony, expectations and agreements.

The tone of your language needs to be appropriate to the task and lesson.

Do not have other programs, games, apps etc. running in the background, unless directed by your vykhovnyk to do so.

Be on time in joining the online meeting.

Make sure you have a pen and paper to take notes.

Turn your video ON and mute your microphone prior to commencing the class and turn on the microphone only when invited to by a vykhovnyk.

 Be prepared to participate in the online meeting.

You will have an opportunity to speak and use the message function as directed by the vykhovnyk.

Remain calm: if you experience a technology fail or feel frustrated, be patient with yourself. You may need to shut the program down and start again. 

Online safety- expectations for yunatstvo and parents

  1. Safety

a.  Planning for safety

Ensure that all family members are aware of the expectations when meeting online.

Refer to the Top 5 online safety tips for kids and consider developing a personal safety plan.

Use only credible sources for content searches online.

b.  What to do if you feel unsafe online

If you feel unsafe online or an incident occurs, stay calm and don’t try to deal with the situation alone.

Advise parents/carers, vykhovnyk or other adult as soon as possible. Take screenshots if possible. Consider making a report to the eSafety Commissioner.(AU)

c.  Respectful online participation for learning and wellbeing

Some video, chat and direct messages will be recorded and monitored. You will be advised of this at the beginning of the session. Please remember to act within CYM expectations.

Whatever goes online, stays online. Take pride in yourself as a member of the CYM community.

You must not:

  • re-post anything that was sent to you privately, without the permission of the sender.
  • take or distribute photos, sound or video recordings of anyone connected to CYM or other people, including background figures and voices, without their express written permission.
  • upload/post/email images, video or sound, containing members of CYM vykhovnyky and yunatstvo onto social media platforms (e.g. Snapchat, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube) or any other website or app, without their authorisation and the authorisation of CYM.
  • make deliberate attempts to disrupt other people’s use of ICT.
  • make a request or respond to a request from vykhovnyky, counsellors, administrators and other school vykhovnyky to be ‘friends’ on social media.

2.   Privacy

Online skhodyny requires you to take reasonable steps to protect the personal information that is seen, heard and read from misuse and unauthorised access.

CYM stresses that you need to take responsibility for the security of your device (e.g. computer, ipad, phone) and not allow secure CYM online spaces to be used by an unauthorised party.

3. Technical Support

In the first instance, all technology issues should be reported to the class vykhovnyk, who will seek extra support from others as required.

Online expectations for vykhovnyky

  1. Online video classes with yunatstvo will ONLY be set up in Google Classroom.
  2. All online video classes will be set up by a vykhovnyk and will have a clear agenda and purpose. There must be two vykhovnyky present in every online class.
  3. The vykhovnyk will advise participants whether the online class will be recorded and whether the recording will be made available for yunatstvo to use as a resource at a later stage.
  4. The vykhovnyk will be the first person to enter and the last person to leave the online class.

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Policy adapted from:

Catholic Education Melbourne resource- Online Etiquette for Students (2020)