Спілка Української Молоді в Великій Британії

Християнська Патріотична Організація
Заснована в Україні 1925 року та створена у Великій Британії 1948 року
Сьогодні СУМ має 13 осередків.

Що ми робимо

СУМ це веселощі, виклики та пригоди. Ми робимо це за допомогою нашої різноманітної програми.

Цінності та Принципи

We have 12 Statements that guide us towards being the best we can.

Здвиги й фестивалі

Every year we get to see branches show off their talent with our annual competition held at our complex, Tarasivka.


Our strength is based on building life skills and our education programme plays a big part in this.

Літні Табори

Every year we get to see branches show off their talent with our annual competition held at our complex, Tarasivka.

Історія СУМ

The Ukrainian Youth Association, (also known by its Ukrainian acronym CYM) was founded in 1925 in Kyiv, Ukraine. The founder and first head was Mykola Pavlushkov. In Ukraine, CYM was a revolutionary underground organization whose goal was to fight against Russian occupation and for the attainment of an independent nation.

Sadly, the activity of CYM in Ukraine was short-lived. In 1930, the leading members were arrested and brought to trial along with the leaders of the Ukrainian Liberation Union (in Ukrainian, CBY). In Kharkiv, 45 members of the CYM and CBY stood trial. Thirteen were sentenced to death, among them the leader of CYM, Mykola Pavlushkov, and the leader of the CBY, Serhiy Efremov. The death sentences were later commuted to prison sentences. All those sentenced died in prison, exile, or isolation. Nevertheless, Russia was not able to extinguish the Ukrainian people’s desire for freedom and independence.

Through the efforts of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN), the ideals of the founding members of CYM were reborn in the free world in 1946 in displacement camps in West Germany. Since then, CYM has evolved into a prominent force of educational/political activity around the world under the motto “God and Ukraine”. Currently it is active in 10 countries-Australia, Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Estonia, France, Germany, Great Britain, the United States and Ukraine. In 1991, CYM was revived in Ukraine. Over the course of more than ten decades of existence beyond the borders of Ukraine, 19 World Congresses and 7 World Gatherings (Zlets) have occurred, in Germany, Canada, USA, Italy, Australia and Ukraine (twice).

Organisational Structure