Announcements 11/10/2018


What: ###IMPORTANT### 85th Anniversary of Holodomor Panahyda Service Yonkers

When: Sunday November 11th, 2018 10am Mass

Where: St. Michael’s Church Yonkers, NY

Who: ALL

More Info: The Ukrainian American Community of Yonkers will be Commemorating the 85th anniversary of the with a Panahyda service. We ask that all children wear their Ukrainian embroidered shirts and gather in the back of church for a short program after the mass.


What: CYM Season 2018-2019 – Classes and Dancing

When: Tuesday’s 6:15pm

Where: CYM Yonkers

Who: All

–          The normal schedule with classes and dancing has begun

–          The updated registration and payment page along with updated registration forms is now posted and can be found here:

What: Volleyball Practice – Have started!!

When: Monday’s

Where: Sacred Heart High School

Who: All

More Info: Mikey Tomaszewsky has volunteered to take over volleyball practices for adults and starshe yunatstvo which hasb begun. If you are interesting in playing or helping out running practices, please contact Mike Tomaszewsky or Mike Kapitula.

What: CYM Vyhovnij Season 2018-2019 – Feedback and Help needed!

When: Fall 2018

Where: CYM Yonkers

Who: All

More Info: This year, we are making some changes to our vyhovnij plan. We will be bringing in guest vyhovnyky to do specialty hutirky or helping out with certain aspects of the vyhovnij work for Starshe, molodshe, or all Yunatstvo. This currently includes singing, seasonal events, and arts and crafts but we are looking for more! The goals of these changes are:

  • Decrease the workload for vyhovnyky.
  • Allows people within our hromada to share specialty skills and knowledge with the kids.
  • Gives yunatstvo exposure to new and interesting topics.

If you or someone you know would like to either:

What: Youth Krylati Soccer Fall Season 2018 – Youth team ages 10-12 already formed!

When: ASAP

Who: All

More Info: Misha Lutsiv will be coaching the 10-12 year old team. If you child is interested in playing, please contact him ASAP (914-316-9013).

If your child still wants to play or practice, we have fields and indoor gyms available throughout the fall, winter, and spring for kids to have practices, scrimmages, or just to run around. This can be for any age! Even sumeniata and huseniata!

Please let Mike Kapitula or Mark Howansky know if there are any interested players, coaches, chaperones, for any of this!


What: 85th Anniversary of Holodomor Panahyda Requiem Service

When: November 17th, 2018 Time 4p

Where: St. Patrick’s Cathedral NYC

Who: ALL

More Info: The Ukrainian American Community will be Commemorating the 85th anniversary of the with a requiem service. Join us in remembering and honoring the millions of innocent victims of Ukraine’s Genocide of 1932-33!


What: 55th Annual Debutante Ball

When: Saturday March 2nd, 2019, Registration for Debutantes **RELEASED**

Where: Sheraton Parsippany Hotel

Who: ALL

More Info:

General Info:

Ticket purchases: