Motto and Anniversaries for 2016


Nation building

  • 75th anniversary of the reestablishment of Statehood of Ukraine via the Act of June 30th
  • 25th anniversary of Ukrainian Independence
  • 20th anniversary of the adoption of the Ukrainian Constitution
  • 150th anniversary of the birth of Mykhailo Hrushevskyi
  • 30th anniversary of the Chornobyl tragedy


  • 70th anniversary of the reestablishment of CYM in the Diaspora
  • 70th anniversary of CYM in Germany

CYM’s haslo for 2016:gaslo2016_

What is Ukraine? For those who don’t live in Ukraine and have never seen it, impressions may be formed from the words of Ukrainian writers: “The people – beautiful. The land – a fairy tale. A better sun doesn’t exist anywhere else.” – Vasayl Symonenko; “Everything of mine, all is called Ukraine” – Lina Kostenko. For residents and citizens of Ukraine, it’s the place where they live, and where they see the beauty and enchantment of the land of our ancestors, who for hundreds of years spilt their blood, and gave their lives and their souls for this enchanting land.
This year Ukraine celebrates the 25th anniversary of its declaration of Independence, as proclaimed by its Parliament, the Verkhovna Rada. That proclamation on August 24, 1991 was preceded by many years of battle for independence, uncounted numbers of fallen Ukrainian Sons, crippled fates, and lost opportunities. The expectation was that once this day arrived, our nation would begin a new, independent life.
Alas the enemy, used to being an “older brother” that gets all that he wants, didn’t want (and continues not to want) to acknowledge Ukraine’s right to an independent life.
CYM’s ceremonial greeting «Честь України – Готов Боронити!» (Ready to Defend Ukraine’s Honor) today becomes more and more on point, just as it was many years ago. Today it depends on us, whether Ukraine will be an independent, sovereign and prosperous country – or not. Yes, it depends on us – those who hold Ukraine dear in our hearts. Ukraine begins from each yunak and yunachka, from each druzhynnyk and druzhynnytsia, from their own thoughts and from their actions.
The Heavenly Hundred showed and proved to the world that Ukraine is a country whose spirit is free. Thousands of Sons of Ukraine demonstrated to the enemy in the East of Ukraine, that the kozak spirit cannot be broken.
Now it is your turn, dear sumivets’, through your everyday pursuits to demonstrate to everyone that wherever you happen to be – there one will also find a free Ukraine.
Converse in the Ukrainian language, defend the Ukrainian cause within your community, and help your nation in every way, that is within your own grasp.
Remember that every one of your actions on behalf of Ukraine gives it and its nation strength toward an independent, sovereign and prosperous life. We, as a Ukrainian nation scattered throughout the world, become a strong and indestructible spirit, because Ukraine begins from every one of us!

Svitova Uprava also recommends that the following anniversaries also be highlighted and discussed throughout the year:


  • 365th anniversary of the battle at Berestechko under the command of Bohdan Khmelnytskyi
  • 150th anniversary of the Bukovyna Famine (1865-1866)
  • 125th anniversary of the birth of Yevhen Konovalets’
  • 90th anniversary of the assassination of Symon Petliura
  • 80th anniversary of the Warsaw and Lviv Process over S.Bandera and his colleagues
  • 70th anniversary of the heroic death of UPA Commanders Vasyl Andrusiak (“Rizun”) and Petro Oliynyk (Eney”)
  • 65th anniversary of the heroic death of OUN leaders Roman Kravchuk (“Petro”) andr Petro Fedun (“Poltava”)


  • 170th anniversary of the creation of the Cyril and Mеthodius Brotherhood
  • 160th anniversary of the birth of Ivan Franko
  • 160th anniversary of the birth of Ukrainian pedagogue Sophia Rusova
  • 145th anniversary of the birth of Ukrainian poet Mykola Voronyi
  • 110th anniversary of the birth of Olena Teliha, Ukrainian writer, community activist, and member of OUN
  • 145th anniversary of the birth of Lesia Ukrainka
  • 75th anniversary of the birth of Ukrainian actor Ivan Mykolaichuk


  • 65th anniversary of the death of Archemandrite Klymentyi Sheptytskyi