Motto and Anniversaries for 2010


The following were formally approved by CYM’s
World Executive for the year 2010:

In 2010 we commemorate:

  • 150th Anniversary of the publication of Taras Shevchenko’s complete “Kobzar”
  • 85th Anniversary of the founding of CYM and the 80th Anniversary of the Kharkiv Trials of CBY/CYM
  • 60th Anniversary of CYM in Argentina
  • 60th Anniversary of CYM in Australia
  • 60th Anniversary of CYM in France

Additional commemorative dates which the Svitova Uprava recommends vykhovnyky include in their educational programs:

  • 300th Anniversary of Ukraine’s first Constitution, by Pylyp Orlyk
  • 95th Anniversary of the Sichovi Striltsi Battle at Makivka
  • 75th Anniversary of the Birth of Vasyl Symonenko
  • 60th Anniversary of the Death of UPA Commander Roman Shukhevych
  • 40th Anniversary of the Death of Alla Horska
  • 25th Anniversary of the Death of Vasyl Stus
  • 20th Anniversary of the Student Hunger Strikes in Kyiv

2010 Haslo

CYM’s Haslo for 2010:
Haslo 2010: “As long as you live – dream and search!”

This year’s haslo is an adaptation of words in a poem Hey new Columbuses and Magellans (15.10.1962) written by Vasyl Symonenko. In this poem Symonenko calls us to purpose to search out our dreams, to uncover new knowledge, new experiences and learn more about ourselves in the context of our nation and learn more about Ukraine.

In the ocean of our native people
Uncover spiritual islands

Symonenko ends his poem with a promise

Ukraine! As long as I live
I will keep discovering you

And then finally he calls us to dream and not be apathetic

Dream and search as long as you live
Sizzle apathy in the fire!

Each year we have a new haslo that is a call to action, a call to purpose, or a call to further goal setting and in the end to realizing that goal. A haslo could also give us a direction for self improvement. This year’s haslo As long as you live – dream and search can be understood in the context of learning and gaining knowledge, self improvement or in the context of creativity – dream to create. This year’s haslo can also be understood in terms of CYM’s values and principles which are found in the Pravyl’nyk Yunatstva.

Each of us needs to dream, to have hope, to have something for which to strive. If we don’t dream and don’t search for our place in the world – there is no progress.

– Irene Jendzjowsky
Head of Vykhovna Rada