Krayova Uprava has taken the decision to cancel tabory at Tarasivka this year as the risks to health and safety with regard to COVID 19 are too great and the health and safety of our members is paramount. This is unprecedented in our CYM history, and globally, as all camps have been cancelled. Every summer we all eagerly look forward to tabory and spending time with friends from across the country and abroad but for this year it will be different. Taborova Komisia is planning a ‘virtual tabir’ during the 1st – 14th August. So there will still be a tabory but in a different format which we hope you will all join in with.

Thank you for your continued support. Stay well, stay safe and stay positive.
Anna Fedeczko
Табір2020 #ШануйПрироду #ПізнавайПрироду #Tabir 2020#Respect Nature #Appreciate Nature

Watch this space for news for what will be happening for ‘Virtual Tabir 2020’

For further news on COVID-19 please see our updates page