Camp Blog – Day 2 – A day with our older Yunatstvo


Natalka Amis (Sumeniata): What a wonderful day! As a first time sumeniata mum (but camp veteran), I was very proud of my little sumeniatko as he said the full prayer before meals and sang ‘Smach – smach – smachnoho’ (bon appetit) all the way through for the first time. If history is anything to go by, he will be singing this for weeks to come at home too!

The sumeniata have been painting and managed to paint themselves as well as their crafts! Another first was when our sumeniata managed to hit the ball in their first game of rounders. They’re also beginning to learn their poem, song and dance for Sunday’s popys (concert).

After a busy and funpacked day, a very tired sumeniatko had a story and milk before bed. But the day isn’t over yet as the sumeniata mums are busy sewing costumes for Sunday – when all will be revealed!

Bohdan (Dniprodzerzhynsk): I like this tabir. We are never bored. Every morning we have rukhanka (morning exercise). We come out of our tents, do various exercises and then have a short run. Then we have morning prayers, which we say and sing. After breakfast we have our morning lessons. It’s interesting that we are told about the history of tabir, Ukraine and discuss what is happening in Ukraine now. At camp, I have got to know many other boys and girls. They are all very friendly and help us with everything. Yesterday we played football against the adults. Although we lost the match, we won the penalty shoot-out, so it was a draw! I am very happy that I came to camp.

Andrii (Novokyivka): I like the morning exercises and the run. I have made many great friends here. We socialise together, play tennis and football. There are many very nice girls here! They’re educated and very patriotic. We have lessons and interesting activities, including shooting. We say our prayers because without God, nothing would work out.

Danylo: This year is a special camp because we have a group of children from Ukraine. We got to know them by playing a game. They had to tell us their names, where they live and their hobbies. Having these people here is helping me with my Ukrainian language, while they improve their English. It’s great having the Ukrainians here and helping them – it’s not only good fun and interesting, but important for us all.

Luke (tent leader): Every morning we wake up tired, until we have rukhanka, which sets us up for the day. The food here is good, and we always try to get to the queue before the girls, but being such gentlemen as we are, we allow them to go first! Everything at camp is going well. The roiovi (tent leaders) are doing a great job and komanda (camp leadership) are making this a great year!


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