Waltham Cross CYM and shkola participate in Hoddesdon Spring Festival May 10th 2014


NSD-2013-PosterWaltham Cross CYM and Iryna Senyk Ukrainian school participated in Spring Festival at Hoddesdon.

Our Dancers performed Kozachok and a “Harvest Dance” again as in Forty Hall. Our younger children sang the same songs as at Forty Hall again. The older children sang Ukrayino moya Ukrayino, and then it started raining which is ironic because the first line of this song is “In the lands washed by Rain”

People really enjoyed the performances and we used the opportunity again to inform people about Ukraine and current events there. It is the second time we have been invited to perform at Hoddesdon. Our next performance  is at Forty Hall again on June 1st. Sincere thanks to all our teachers, parents and children for their support and work in representing our Ukrainian culture to the wider community.

Sincere thanks to Christina and Huw Modla Thomas and to Roman Pasika for their  photos which can be seen on our Facebook community group here: Hoddesdon 10th May 2014

Stepan Pasicznyk

Head of Waltham Cross branch of CYM