Vyshkil – Day 8


On Monday, July 6, the campers participated in a CPR course that took up most of the day and resulted in all participants receiving their Emerency First Aid/CPR/AED Level C certification. Special thanks to  Larry LaGamba, our certified First Aid instructor, for taking time and coming out to all the way to Veselka.DSC_0030 DSC_0032 In the afternoon the campers enjoyed a game of soccer and volleyball before relaxing by the pool. After dinner three UYA members, Dr. Ulana Kawun, Olya Dziubaniwsky and Marijka Kobylecka, both RNs, shared their stories about the Canadian Doctors’ medical missions to  Ukraine to operate on soldiers wounded at the front in Ukraine’s east. The missions came to fruition thanks to the support of the Canada-Ukraine Foundation.

DSC_0043 DSC_0040

At the end of the day, Miranda Matthews conducted a Zumba class which was received with great enthusiasm.

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