CYM Canada’s Annual General Meeting – February 20-22, 2015


On February 20-22, 2015, the Ukrainian Youth Association of Canada’s Annual General Meeting took place at the Ukrainian Canadian Institute Prosvita in Winnipeg.  A total of 34 delegates, and 1 guest participated in the proceedings

 The Plenum began with prayers and a minute of silence to remember members of CYM who had passed away in the last year.  This included, the head of the National Control Committee, Adriana Narozniak.  The President of the National Executive, Roman Brytan welcomed delegates to the Annual General Meeting.  He highlighted the importance of this year’s motto, the words of Vasyl’ Symonenko – “My Nation exists, and my Nation will always continue to exist”.  This year, CYM marks the 80th anniversary of Symonenko’s birth.

10389279_790081594410672_2867399619089387163_nThe first part of the Plenum included the adoption of the annual reports from the National Executive, National Control and National Grievance Committees including  audited financial statements as well as the election of Lida Narozniak as the new Chair of the National Control Committee.

At the end of the evening’s program, delegates and participants of the annual all-Canadian Leadership Seminar were treated to a special surprise – a concert by the rock band SKAY from Kyiv.  Everyone had a wonderful evening enjoying the band’s music, singing along to many songs throughout the performance.

Saturday, the second day of the Plenum, contained many parallel sessions.  These sessions included the Vykhovnyk, Financial, Organizational and Druzhynnyky sessions to discuss many issues that are important to membership.  In the afternoon, a session was held for all participants where each branch could present their best practices and work over the last year.  Delegates shared successful projects, initiatives and ideas that came from individual branches.


On Saturday evening, the Winnipeg branch organizers of the Plenum invited all delegates and participants of the Leadership seminar to a banquet and dance held for the community of the city.  The keynote speaker was the President of the National Executive, Roman Brytan.  In his address, Brytan explained how the words of Vasyl’ Symonenko – “My Nation exists, and my Nation will always continue to exist” – provide direction in understanding and helping people in Ukraine in today’s current climate.  The Master of Ceremonies of the evening Zenon Ciz, after the brief program, encouraged everyone to enjoy themselves to the tune of the band Sich which played well into the night.

On Sunday, the 22nd of February, delegates were welcomed by Monsignor Mitrat Michael  Buyachok to participate in the Liturgy at the Ukrainian Catholic Metropolitan Cathedral of St. Vladimir and Olga.  Monsignor Mitrat Michael wished the delegates success and best wishes in carrying out the word of CYM under the motto God and Ukraine.


The last part of the annual Plenum meeting included a joint session about the IX World Jamboree to celebrate the 90th anniversary of CYM in Ukraine in August of this year.  Additionally, individual leaders of each session held on Saturday presented an overview and plans for the coming year in each portfolio.

The All-Canadian Leadership Seminar took place at the same time as the annual Plenum of the National Executive of CYM in Canada in Winnipeg (February 20-22, 2015).  12 young druzhynnyky from Montreal, Missisauga, Etobicoke, Winnipeg and Edmonton participated in these sessions lead by podruha Marusia Wowk, and podruha Natalia Kardasz.

The first part of the seminar began on Friday evening.  Participants had the change to get to known one another, to learn details about the program of the seminar and to participate in the early part of the Plenum where Reports of the National Executive and their Committees and portfolios are presented.  Participants joined delegates again at the concert by the rock band SKAY from Kyiv later in the evening.

On the second day of the seminar, additional working sessions took place.  In these sessions, participants learned about specific elements of being a good leader with hands-on experience and interactive activities.  They also had the opportunity to work together to understand how team work plays an important part in the completion of projects, meeting of goals of committees and the overall organization of CYM.  In the evening, participants again joined delegates and the wider community of Winnipeg at the banquet and dance.


On Sunday, the last day of the seminar, participants and delegates started the day by attending a Liturgy at the Ukrainian Catholic Metropolitan Cathedral of St. Vladimir and Olga.  After breakfast, participants of the seminar completed the work on their individual projects, making presentations about their projects to each other.

The National Executive wishes to extend it most heartfelt congratulations to all Leadership Seminar participants, above all Marko Tuckyj (Montreal), Andrea Purawec, Lubomyr Stasyszyn (Mississauga), Danylo Krys, Valentyn Dumec (Edmonton) and Taras Dlugosh (Winnipeg), who completed the cycle of all four seminars and were awarded Certificates.

The National Executive of CYM in Canada wants to thank everyone who helped to make this weekend possible.  The Organizing Committee of the Winnipeg branch, headed by Larysa Marcinkow deserve high praise and thanks for their work to ensure that Plenum ran smoothly and that it was a success.

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