Anniversary Flag in Calgary


After travelling across Great Britain and London, the 75th Anniversary Flag has flown accross the ocean and landed in Calgary, Alberta Canada. Calgary is located in Western Canada next to the Beautiful Rocky Mountains. Calgary was also a host city for the 1988 Winter Olympics, where CYM Calgary hosted the world with a CYM Olympic Zlet.

Our branch, named in honour of Eugene Konovalets, is honoured to receive the Flag and to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of CYM in the Diaspora.

The flag started it’s Canadian journey in our Domivka, which is home to CYM Calgary and other organizations. Our domivka has hosted many special guests from Canada, Ukraine, and the Diaspora, including olympic teams, professors, and political dignitaries.

Here you can see some of our CYMivtsi standing above Memorial Drive and Centre Street across the river from our City Centre.

From the bridge across the river, you can see the famous Calgary Tower, which use to be the tallest tower in Calgary.

Here our CYMivtsi took the flag to Olympic Plaza, where during the 1988 Winter Olympics, Medal Ceremonies took place. You can see in the background our Historic City Hall and the Olympic Cauldron. This is also the place where CYMivtsi stood with Ukrainian flags, and song the Ukrainian National Anthem when athletes from the then USSR were awarded medals.

In front of one of Calgary’s Largest towers, The Bow, is an impressive art installation.

Calgary’s downtown is bordered by a beautiful crystal clear river. Accross this river are multiple historic and modern bridges, one of which is called the Peace Bridge. This bridge has become an icon of Calgary, and is a place of meeting for many political rallies promoting peace, including rallies for Euromaidan, “Crimea is Ukraine” and for the ongoing war in Eastern Ukraine.

Just went of our City, you can find the Rocky Mountains. They are only 30min car ride away. Our CYMivtsi decided to take the Flag up to the peak of one of the mountains found in Banff National Park – Tunnel Mountain. 360 degree views of Banff National Park are seen from the top. Banff National Park is Canada’s first National Park, established in 1885.

Here you can see the Flag on the Main Street of the Town of Banff.

Here you can see the Flag infront of one of the most famous hotels in the world – Banff Springs Hotel. Over 130 years old, Banff Springs Hotel is a UNESCO site, and is surely a beautiful castle surrounded by our Rocky Mountains.

We now pass on the Anniversary Flag to our fellow CYMivtsi in Ontario.