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About Us

About CYM, the Ukrainian Youth Association


To organize, nurture, and educate youth in the spirit invoked by the ideals “God and Ukraine”; in forming their Christian and patriotic values as well as morally sound individuality, to cultivate the unity of Ukrainians around the world, in readiness to work for the good of the Ukrainian Nation and to strengthen its statehood.


“God and Ukraine”

Based on this highest of ideals, CYM’s programs promote the principles of Christian ethics and pride in the Ukrainian national heritage. Emphasis is placed on one’s role as a citizen of one’s country and one’s role as a member of the Ukrainian community.


Weekly Meetings: The youth chapters meet weekly, participating in programs which include discussion groups, sports, singing, arts and crafts, and field trips. Lectures and special interest groups enable the youth to broaden their knowledge in areas such as Ukrainian history, geography, literature, and traditions. Topics are guided by an annual theme and historic anniversaries that are highlighted during the year.

Sports: Aside from weekly meetings, the youth participate in various organized athletic activities by joining volleyball, football (soccer), baseball, hockey and other teams.

Culture: CYM takes great pride in its choirs, marching bands, dance groups, bandura ensembles, drama groups and schools that provide instruction in music and traditional dance.

Camps: Among the most important educational opportunities CYM provides are summer and winter camp programs. Both National Executive Boards and local branches organize camps of interest to a wide range of youth as well as adult members. Some camps concentrate on the development of leadership skills, while others are athletic or cultural in nature. Educational-recreational camps for youth ages 6-17 are also quite popular. CYM, through its numerous branches, maintains more than a dozen campgrounds located across three continents.

Jamborees and Rallies: Among the most popular camps are those held either on a national or international level. Such camps are usually organized in conjunction with special events, most commonly the Olympic Games.

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