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Remembering the late Podryha Sophia

Remembering the late Podryha Sophia Jacyszyn

Ukrainian Youth Association Oseredok Canberra-Queanbeyan Patron Evhen Konovalets


(Podtyha Sophia Jacyszyn – Sviato Heroiv Queanbeyan 2014)


Podryha Sophia died on 6 May 2015 in the Queanbeyan Hospital, with her funeral taking place on Tuesday, 12 May at St. Michael’s Ukrainian Catholic Church Queanbeyan.


Podryha Sophia was devoted to her family and friends.  She never forgot her homeland Ukraine and worked tirelessly for Ukraine’s independence and the promotion of Ukrainian religion, culture and traditions.  Podryha Sophia was a life member of CYM, a parishioner of St Michael’s Ukrainian Catholic Church as well as secretary of the Women’s Auxiliary and a member of the Parish Council.  She was also active in the Queanbeyan Hromada.


At her request, bequests were made to CYM Ukraine for the Blahodiyny Tadir in Ukraine, Oceredok CYM Canberra-Queanbeyan, St Michael’s Ukrainian Catholic Church and Queanbeyan Hromada.


Podryha Sophia was born in the village of Novostavtsi, Lviv Oblast Ukraine on 13 December 1922. Her mother died in childbirth and she was raised by her grandmother, Marija.


When the Nazis invaded in 1941 she was taken to Germany for forced labour. At the end of the war she met her husband, Mychajlo in a displacement camp. Her first two daughters, Jaroslava and Maria were born in Germany. The family arrived in Australia in 1949.


Her third daughter, Oksana was born in Canberra in 1952, and they settled in Queanbeyan the same year. Jaroslava’s daughter, her first grandchild, Nadia was born in 1974, followed by a grandson, Taras in 1975.


Her husband dryh Mychajlo died on 1 November 1977 while still young at fifty-six.  He was the first Holova of CYM in Queanbeyan.


Oksana’s daughter, Sonya was born in 1982, and her son, Michael in 1983.


Podryha Sophia worked in the public service until 1987, when she retired.


Her great-granddaughter, Leila was born in December 2012.


Podryha Sophia was heavily involved in Australia’s Ukrainian community, a world life member of CYM from 1988, a member of St Michael’s parish council and secretary of the women’s auxiliary. Podryha Sophia took part in many rallies in support of Ukraine, the last one was with her family in November 2014 outside the Russian Embassy.


Podryha Sophia went on many holidays, visiting Fiji and New Zealand, as well as travelling around Australia to places including Port Douglas, the Gold Coast, South Australia and the NSW South Coast.


She died surrounded by her family. Eternal Memory!


Podryha Marusya Jacyshyn and Sonya Heaney

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