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Head of National Executive visits Geelong

The Head of the National Executive, Dr Stephen Duma, had a chance to visit the Geelong branch On Sunday, 7th July 2013.
Dr Duma expressed his warm greetings to participants at the Apel and shared information about the work of KY and in particular urged all members to come and take part in the National Camp to be held at Camp Hoverlia (near Sydney) as part of the continuing celebration of 65 anniversary Ukrainian settlement in Australia.
He also had a chance to shed light and  information about the planned Hike to Kokoda (Papua New Guinea) – a difficult journey, 100 kilometres in length over 9 days in the mountains and forests of the country. Retracing the footsteps of thousands of soldiers who lost their lives during the war.
At this time, 12 CYM-ivtsi have subscribed to the hike, including two from Ukraine.

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