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Sviato Heroiv Queanbeyan

Sviato Heroiv Queanbeyan

Hromada Queanbeyan organised Sviato Heroiv which was held in Queanbeyan on 14 July 2013.  This year we commemorated the 75th anniversary of the assignation of Colonel Yehen Konovalets in Rotterdam, Holland.

Sviato Heroiv was commemorated in the following way:

  1. Participation of CYM members in Mass in St. Michael’s Ukrainian Catholic Church, Queanbeyan.

  2. At 1 pm in the Ukrainian Hall, Mr Spesyvy, President, Hromada Queanbeyan opened proceedings.

  3. Podryha Marusya Jacyshyn laid a wreath from CYM, which was donated by podryha Sophia Jacyshyn.  Wreathes were also laid from Hromada Queanbeyan and Soyoz Ukrainok Queanbeyan.

  4. Father Mykytyk celebrated Panakhyda.

  5. Podryha Marusya Jacyshyn, prepared and read out in Ukrainian and English the key note address in Honour of Colonel Konovalets, Patron of our Oseredok.

  6. Programme also featured performances by a singing group and duet in which CYM members participated. Poems were also recited.

Eternal Memory!

Podryha Marusya Jacyshyn

Oseredok Canberra-Queanbeyan

July 2013

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