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Karpaty Rebuild History

Karpaty Rebuild History 

Overview of Karpaty

In 1963, the Ukrainian Youth Association Melbourne purchased the property that was to become our Australian Karpaty (in reference to the majestic Carpathian Mountain range in Ukraine). Over the years Oselya Karpaty has hosted many local, national and even international youth camps. Over those years thousands and thousands of youth have been a part of those camps. These children have run around the grounds, swam in the Acheron River or in the lake, or simply sat back and enjoyed the summer nights around a vatra (camp fire). We all hold fond memories of those days. They are very dear to all that have been a part of it.

February 2009 Oselya Karpaty Destroyed by Fires

The Black Saturday Bushfires is the name given to the bushfires which started on the 7th of February 2009 in Victoria, Australia. The weather conditions on the day were some of the worst bushfire weather conditions ever recorded. Temperatures reached 46 degrees celsius with winds in excess of 100km per hour.

The Black Saturday Bushfires killed 173 people, injured 414 people, destroyed 2,100 homes and displaced 7,562 people. In these bushfires, our Oselya Karpaty was also destroyed.

Rebuild Karpaty Project

Rebuild Karpaty Project Manager
Nicky Ckuj